About Dr. Dina Kulik MD, FRCPC, PEM

Dr. Dina Kulik completed her Pediatrics Residency and Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children. Dr. Dina is one of Canada’s leading child health media experts, providing child health information through television, radio, print media, and via her blog DrDina.ca. Above all, Dina’s greatest joy is her family, and being the mom of four crazy boys.

5 Most Asked Questions to our Therapy Team


Children and families have been thrown into a new world with minimal extracurricular activities, limited social interactions, increased safety protocols, and unpredictable shifts to online learning. As a result, it has been challenging for many families to remain patient and attentive with our children.

5 Most Asked Questions to our Therapy Team2021-04-04T00:29:00-04:00

What is my acne type and how can I treat my acne?


Acne (otherwise called acne vulgaris) falls under many categories, and to properly heal your pimples; you’ll need to identify them. Treating your type of pimples correctly will help clear up your skin and boost your confidence. Acne typically starts in the teenage years due to hormonal fluctuations.

What is my acne type and how can I treat my acne?2021-04-04T00:28:40-04:00
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