About Jennifer Halfin, PT, MSc(A)PT, Reg (Ont)

Jennifer Halfin is a registered physiotherapist working in the field of pediatrics. She works with children of all ages, helping them to achieve their motor milestones through various therapeutic approaches.

My Child Is W-Sitting. Is It Really So Harmful?


W-sitting is when a child sits on the floor with his or her bum between their legs, and their knees are bent in front of them and their legs are rotated away from their body. From a birds-eye view, it looks like the legs are forming a “W”. This position is super stable for children to sit in.

My Child Is W-Sitting. Is It Really So Harmful?2021-07-07T12:54:09-04:00

Are Exersaucers And Jolly Jumpers Safe?


I'm often asked as a pediatric physiotherapist, “Can I use a bumbo, floor-seat, exersaucer, jolly-jumper with my baby?” This is a highly controversial topic in the therapy world, and quite often a polarizing one. Over the years, even my own opinion has changed as I’ve grown as a therapist and become a mother myself. Here's my answer ...

Are Exersaucers And Jolly Jumpers Safe?2021-02-21T10:00:22-05:00

At What Age Do Babies Crawl?


Crawling, or any form of locomotion typically emerges between 7-11 months. There are various forms of crawling, from the classic hands and knees to the army crawl, or even the bum scoot. Provided there are no other developmental concerns, babies do not need to perform classic crawling.

At What Age Do Babies Crawl?2021-07-07T12:57:49-04:00

What is Flat Head Syndrome in Babies?


What is plagiocephaly (baby head shape flattening)? Plagiocephaly is a fancy term for flat head syndrome. There are actually 2 types: plagiocephaly (where one side of the head is flatter than the other, commonly associated with torticollis), and brachycephaly (flat head across the whole back of the skull).

What is Flat Head Syndrome in Babies?2021-02-21T09:20:59-05:00
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