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Prenatal Breastfeeding Class for Expecting Couples
with Taya Griffin I.B.C.L.C.


Will it be Painful?

Will I have Enough Milk?

What do I do if Things Go Wrong?


Join Taya Griffin, Lactation Consultant, as she leads you through this workshop designed specifically for expecting parents.

This interactive and intimate class will guide and support you to get off to the very best start in the hospital and at home, to lead your baby to comfortably latch and drink effectively, to know whether your baby is getting enough and whether breastfeeding is going well.

To facilitate your learning we practice with dolls and watch helpful videos! Let the scientific research and practical tips we provide give you all you need to reach YOUR unique breastfeeding goals.


You will learn: 
•  How to get breastfeeding off to the best start
•  Benefits of skin-to-skin contact and babywearing
•  Mechanics of a Pain-Free Latch – the KEY to breastfeeding success
•  How to tell that your baby is getting enough at the breast
•  Natural solutions to breastfeeding problems
•  How a partner can help support a mother through breastfeeding difficulties
•  Included is a complimentary call after your baby is born to troubleshoot any concerns


Included is a complimentary call after your baby is born to troubleshoot any concerns. 


Per Couple  $89
Partners are encouraged to attend.


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