** Back To School Edition **

In the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic and children returning to school, many children are feeling anxious about having to wear a mask for long periods of time while at school or out in the community.

Here are a few tips for parents to help make their children feel more comfortable about our “new norm” of mask wearing.

Kids Health - Kidcrew Medical with Dr. Dina Kulik
Kids Health - Kidcrew Medical with Dr. Dina Kulik

Hi, I’m Dr. Dina Kulik

I live in Toronto, Canada with my very supportive husband, four energetic and delicious sons (all under 9 years old) and two male dogs.

I am the founder and director of Kidcrew™, I work as a pediatrician and Emergency Medicine Physician.

I’m a spin fanatic and adrenaline junky, needing constant stimulation to keep from getting bored (maybe that’s where the kids get it from?). I thrive in organized chaos. Sound familiar parents?

Through this site, and my Kidcrew™ website, I’m hoping to get the conversation started on all things related to children’s health. From breastfeeding challenges, to solid food introduction to managing night terrors – I’ve been through it all both personally and professionally.

Raising healthy, adaptable children is a challenge. No one does perfectly and no one comes out unscathed. Survival is the goal most days!

Let’s chat and make it just a little bit easier with tips and tricks for parenting.

I look forward to connecting!