What does sleep hygiene consist of in infancy?

There are three important things that parents can do to lay a foundation for independent sleep in infancy:

1) Follow wake windows to ensure baby is not overtired
2) Feed baby at the start of the bedtime routine and after nap to ensure there is not a feed and sleep association
3) Put baby to bed awake, but ready for bed, so that they learn to fall asleep from the level of alertness they will find themselves when they wake in the night

Follow Your Pace

These three principles can be adapted from the start, when possible, and allow the sleep training process, if necessary, to be smoother on the infant and parent.

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About Dr. Alanna Golden, MSW, MD, CCFP

My name is Alanna Golden and I am a Family Physician with a background in Social Work. My interest is in infant sleep hygiene and I will be working with young families to develop healthy sleep habits in the first year of life. Services offered at Kidcrew will be OHIP covered.

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