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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Directions – TTC and Driving2019-04-15T13:47:40-04:00

Our address is: 1440 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario M5R 3J3

TTC – Public Transit

Kidcrew is accessible from St. Clair West subway station (short walk), or streetcar to Bathurst Street and walk south to the office. You can take the #7 Bathurst bus to St. Clair and it is a short walk.


Here is a link via Google Maps.


Here is a map with detailed parking information.

What Are Your Business Hours?2019-04-15T13:48:12-04:00

We accept patients by appointment only, including after-hours.

Regular Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

After Hours: Monday to Friday: 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm


See a full listing of our upcoming Holiday Hours.

Can We Schedule The Same Day?2019-04-15T09:53:10-04:00

We prefer that well baby checks and vaccine visits be booked in advance. Sick and urgent visits can usually be accommodated by our physicians same day, so please call or email us to book. You can also book with our After Hours Doctors by calling or emailing.

Do I Need To See The Doctor For A Prescription?2019-04-15T13:46:24-04:00

For any new prescription you should schedule an appointment for the doctor. In some circumstances, the doctor may authorize refills/repeats as needed if it is an ongoing treatment for ongoing health concern (ie. Asthma medication). However, it is the doctors discretion if the child needs to be seen prior to any refills of prescriptions.

How Do I Get An Appointment With The Specialists?2019-04-15T13:46:35-04:00

A referral must be received by the office prior to scheduling any appointments. The referral can be from your family doctor or other physicians. Please direct them to our Referral Form on our website.

After Hours Clinic – Walk In Or Appointment?2019-04-15T13:46:43-04:00

Available 7 days a week.

The after-hours clinic, available 7 days a week, is by appointments only. You are welcome to book online or call 416.613.5437 for an appointment.

The current after-hours schedule is:

– Monday to Friday 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm

– Saturday 10 am to 3 pm

– Sunday 10 am to 3 pm

Here is a listing of our upcoming Holiday Hours.

We will keep this page current, so check here for schedule updates.

What is the anticipated wait time to see a specialist?2019-04-15T13:46:51-04:00

We do try to accommodate specialist appointments as soon as possible, however, there may 2 to 4-week wait to be seen by the specialist.

What Is After Hours Crew?2019-12-21T15:34:54-05:00

Need a last-minute appointment with a pediatrician? Avoid those dreaded long lineups at OTHER WALK-IN CLINICS.

Available 7 days a week. For more details [CLICK ME]!

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY – call 416.613.5437 or book online at the After Hours Booking Form.

The current after-hours schedule is Monday to Friday 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm, Saturday 9 am to 3 pm, Sunday 9 am to 3 pm.

See a full listing of our upcoming Holiday Hours.


What Languages Do You Speak?2018-06-25T15:21:47-04:00

Our Team speaks twelve languages, and as our team grows, we hope to include more languages. At Kidcrew, we welcome a wonderful diverse group of families from many nationalities. If you have any special requirements, we will do our very best to accommodate you. Here is the current list of languages.

What Is Your Contact Info (phone, fax, email)2019-04-15T09:47:29-04:00

Phone: (416) 613-KIDS (5437)

Fax: (647) 689-2371


OR you may contact us via our Contact Page

OR you may Book Online > Regular HoursAfter Hours

OR during clinic hours you may click the purple LIVE CHAT button, bottom-right of your screen.

What Are Kidcrew’s Future Research Projects?2019-04-15T09:49:40-04:00

The next few years will see Kidcrew’s research efforts take on important concerns for our pediatric population such as ensuring healthy diet and exercise, screen time reduction, learning disabilities and increasing quality of life and accessibility for children with congenital conditions.

What Areas Of Research Is Kidcrew Working In?2019-04-15T13:43:38-04:00

At Kidcrew, we believe our pediatric patients deserve the best care. This is why we have selected the top concerns brought to us by GTA parents as the focus of our current research: improving sleep habits and quality of sleep, minimizing the occurrence, duration and consequences of skin and food allergies and providing new mothers with the best breastfeeding support and preventing breastfeeding difficulties.

Why Is Kidcrew Involved In Medical Research?2019-04-15T09:54:06-04:00

Kidcrew’s core philosophy is one of keeping up with the latest trends in the healthcare industry, as well as maintaining its leader status in the GTA pediatric care field. We are proud to be able to leverage the expertise and clinical work of some of Canada’s top pediatric specialist physicians, through our research, who are ideally suited to drive forward the state of knowledge and standards for pediatric care.

How long can I anticipate waiting to be seen by my doctor when I come for my appointment?2017-06-07T19:29:40-04:00

We aim to see all patients within a few minutes of their scheduled appointment times. However, emergencies do occur and there may be a short wait time. If you are late arriving for your appointment, the appointments that arrive on time will be seen first.

Where Is There Parking?2018-08-02T14:41:26-04:00


There is street parking on Vaughan Road and other side streets.


We also have metered parking underground, accessible from Vaughan Road, just to the right of Dollarama.


Here is a map with detailed parking information.

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