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Naturopathy Resources

We try to answer all your questions – if you can’t find it here, also check out our Q&A where our Physicians and Health Care Providers answer your most asked health-related questions.

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Naturopathy Resources

Our resident Naturopath, Dr. Shawn, has available dozens of handouts for patients spanning topics from “Introducing Solid Foods” to “How to dose cannabis.” Appropriate handouts are always attached to patient emails following visits.

Fullscript- Fullscript is an online supplement distributor for healthcare professionals. Dr. Shawn uses Fullscript to communicate with patients and to send product recommendations. Patients can purchase the recommended products directly from Fullscript, which ships now to the patient in a few days. Fullscript also has regular newsletters on various health topics.

Visit Dr. Shawn’s website at , where he provides lots of information about his medical practice, treatment modalities, some of the tests he frequently recommends, and a health and wellness blog.

Dr. Shawn posts weekly videos on topics ranging from cannabis education to alternative therapies and favorite supplements.

Have concerns? Please connect with your pediatrician or health-care provider via secure video or phone, from the safety of your home. Don’t delay care for your child. Didn’t find your answer here, contact us! .. or book a virtual care visit.

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Recent Q & A’s

Your Questions About Naturopathy

Have concerns? Please connect with your pediatrician or health-care provider via secure video or phone, from the safety of your home. Don’t delay care for your child. Didn’t find your answer here, contact us! .. or book a virtual care visit.

Are naturopathic services eligible for insurance coverage?2021-01-23T19:16:38-05:00

Yes, while services are not covered under OHIP, most extended health insurance providers have coverage for naturopathic services.

What can I expect from a visit with a Naturopath?2021-01-23T19:13:55-05:00

An initial visit will usually begin with a health history including a discussion of the current concerns.

A short physical exam will follow unless the appointment is by phone or virtual.

Finally, there is a discussion of the recommended treatment protocol and any lingering questions. Once the appointment is complete I will email the patient a thorough summary of the treatment protocol along with any product recommendations, recommended tests and dosages.

How often will I need to visit a Naturopath?2021-01-23T19:10:11-05:00

Unless the patient is coming in regularly for a physical treatment such as acupuncture or IV therapy, generally, we would schedule a follow-up 3-4 weeks after the initial appointment and then every 3-6 months after that.

If I see a Naturopath, will I need to see another Pediatrician as well?2021-01-23T18:56:44-05:00

It is not necessary to see another physician as Naturopaths are primary care physicians.

However, in many situations, the patient will benefit from a circle of care with a variety of specialists. In these situations, the appropriate referrals are made.

How long are appointments with a Naturopath?2021-01-23T18:52:17-05:00

Initial consults are typically 60 minutes and a follow-up typically ranges from 15 to 30 minutes.

What are the most common things Naturopaths see?2021-01-23T18:50:11-05:00

Some of the most common things that I see are: Gastrointestinal issues, Eczema and other skin conditions, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Epilepsy, Anxiety, Allergy and General supplement advice.

How long will it take to see a Naturopath?2021-01-23T18:41:44-05:00

There is not usually a long wait to get an appointment. I can typically see a new or returning patient within a week of booking.

What if nothing is specifically wrong. Can I see a naturopath for just general health advice?2021-01-23T18:37:47-05:00


One of the fundamental principles of naturopathic medicine is to teach preventative medicine.

There is always an opportunity to optimize one’s health and health habits.

What are the most common therapeutics in Naturopathy?2021-07-07T17:05:47-04:00

Some of my most common therapeutics are: Food Sensitivity Testing, Nutritional Supplementation, Dietary Counselling and CBD Oil.

More information on Naturopathy resources.

What are the main ways we improve milestone attainment/improve ADHD behaviours/impulsivity?2021-01-23T18:33:07-05:00

No matter the condition or goal I always start with the fundamental building blocks of health and wellness; Diet, Gastrointestinal Health, Exercise, Mental Health and Sleep. I have found that optimizing these key areas is the most important predictor of treatment success.

What are the modalities of care Naturopaths use?2021-01-23T18:30:27-05:00

As a Naturopath, I am very fortunate to be trained in many different modalities of care so there are many of tools in my toolbox.

The most commonly used are; Nutrition and nutritional supplements, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, and intravenous therapy.

What are the most common challenges naturopaths see?2021-01-23T18:26:28-05:00

The most common challenge for myself as a naturopath is that patients will often come to see me at a time of last resort, when most conventional therapies have not produced results. That being said, I tend to thrive in these situations because I like to think outside the box.

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