We are accepting primary care patients for ROUTINE CARE. Book An Appointment if your child is sick.

Kidcrew Medical - Lactation

Lactation and Breast Feeding Resources

The Lactation Crew at Kidcrew will support you and your vision of feeding success.

Kidcrew Medical - Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Resources

Babies begin their gross motor development by learning to lift their heads on their tummy.

Kidcrew Medical - Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Resources

Occupational therapy promotes independence in everyday life.

Kidcrew Medical - Therapy

Therapy Resources

Our therapy team is dedicated to helping your family with improving your child’s mental health.


Kidcrew Pediatrics

One Stop for Kids Health

From pediatricians to allergists, neurologists, sports medicine doctors, and gastroenterologists. We have your family covered from head to toe!

Kidcrew Medical

From Pediatricians to allergists, neurologists, sports medicine doctors, and gastroenterologists. We have your family covered from head to toe!

Two Locations To Serve You!


1440 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON


240 Duncan Mill Road

Kidcrew Medical

We Look At Medical Care Differently

From our welcoming front desk teams across both our locations to our unique 2,000 square-foot patient lounges, Kidcrew is dedicated to ensuring an outstanding patient experience at every visit.

Kidcrew Medical Services

Kidcrew is a forward-thinking clinic focused on a superior patient experience, family centered-care and wellness for children and families of all ages through cutting-edge scientific research and the latest technology. From pediatricians, to allergists, neurologists, sport medicine doctors, and gastroenterologists. We have your family covered from head to toe!!

Kidcrew Medical with Dr. Dina Kulik | Primary Care Pediatrics

Primary Care

Kidcrew’s Primary Care prioritizes compassionate, personalized service, forming the foundation of a child’s lifelong health.

Kidcrew Medical | Multidisciplinary Pediatric Clinic with Dr. Dina Kulik

Sub-Specialty Care

Expertise across pediatric sub-specialties ensures Kidcrew delivers exceptional, targeted care for complex conditions.

Kidcrew Medical | Multidisciplinary Pediatric Clinic with Dr. Dina Kulik

Allied Health

Kidcrew’s Allied Care unites multidisciplinary professionals, promoting comprehensive support for a child’s overall well-being.

Team Kidcrew FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Kidcrew is a forward-thinking clinic focused on a superior patient experience, family centered-care and wellness for children and families of all ages through cutting-edge scientific research and the latest technology.

Kidcrew General Inquiries


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My pediatrician is unavailable, are you accepting new patients?

We are accepting primary care patients at this time.

We are accepting In-Person sick visits, 7 days a week, with one of our Pediatricians on call.

Don’t hesitate to contact a healthcare provider for any health issue. We are available – usually with same-day visits – and please understand delaying health care could make the problem worse or lead to further complications.

Click to Book an Appointment.

Can I speak with a pediatrician online?

After December 1, 2022, The Ministry of Health only supports virtual care provided by a patient’s primary care provider. Patients must be physically examined every two years by their primary care provider for virtual care to be accessible.

Only a physician who has examined a patient in person in the last 24 months can provide virtual care to that patient.

Please use our online portal as an existing primary care patient for convenient and fast booking.

If you see your child’s primary care physician listed in the online booking area, you are welcome to book a virtual appointment with your doctor using that link. If you do not see your doctor’s name or there are no appointments listed, please email us at medical@kidcrew.com.

Directions – TTC and Driving

Kidcrew has two locations:


1440 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario

TTC – Public Transit

Kidcrew is accessible from St. Clair West subway station, a 5 minutes walk from the office. Or take the streetcar on Bathurst Street, and walk south to Kidcrew. Or take the #7 Bathurst bus to St. Clair and we are a short walk from there.

Driving Directions Via Google Maps

Detailed Parking Map

North York

240 Duncan Mill Road, Toronto

Driving Directions via Google Maps

Detailed Parking Map

What are your business hours?

We accept patients by appointment only, including after-hours and virtual visits.

Regular Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.

After Hours and Virtual Care: Monday to Friday: 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Saturday & Sunday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Click to Book an Appointment.

Can we schedule the same day?

We have Pediatricians available daily for In-Person visits. Book Online Here.

We prefer that in-person well-baby checks and vaccine visits be booked in advance. Please click here to book your in-person visit.

Do I need to see the doctor for a prescription?

In some cases, you do not need to come into the office for a prescription. Rather, you can book a virtual care visit.

A physician practicing virtual medicine can order medications, as well as order investigations such as blood work and imaging.

How do I get an appointment with the specialists?

A referral must be received by the office prior to scheduling any appointments. The referral can be from your family doctor or other physicians.

Please direct them to our Referral Form on our website.

What is the anticipated wait time to see a specialist?
We do try to accommodate specialist appointments as soon as possible, however, there may be a two to four-week wait to be seen by the specialist.
What is After Hours Crew?

After Hours Crew is our team of expert pediatricians who are available 7 days a week, with same-day visits!

Avoid those dreaded long lineups at walk-in clinics.

Your child’s health is our highest priority, so please don’t delay, and contact us if you have any concerns or health issues to address, however small.

We have a team of pediatricians to help and are not too busy to help you and your family.

Available to any child in Ontario, and covered by OHIP.

Available 7 days a week. To schedule an appointment, click here.

After Hours In-Person & Virtual Care:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 8:00 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
What is your contact info (phone, fax, email)?

Phone: (416) 613-KIDS (5437)

Fax: (647) 689-2371

Email: medical@kidcrew.com

OR you may contact us via our Contact Page.

OR you may Book Online.

How long can I anticipate waiting to be seen by my doctor when I come for my appointment?
We aim to see all patients within a few minutes of their scheduled appointment times. However, emergencies do occur and there may be a short wait time. If you are late arriving for your appointment, the appointments that arrive on time will be seen first.

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Team Kidcrew

What’s Next For Kidcrew Medical

At Kidcrew we aim to offer every service you want and need for your child. From allergists to psychologists, we have you covered! Our crew members work together to provide a comprehensive and collaborative model under one roof. From our friendly front desk staff to our non-traditional 2,000-square-foot patient lounge, Kidcrew is committed to providing an exceptional patient experience. Through a focus on medical research, we are leading the way in innovative approaches to patient care. Remember to check our calendar for events and programs for your family including CPR courses and classes on topics such as newborn and toddler feeding, healthy sleep habits and many more. New doctors and allied health practitioners join each month to serve your family. You can now visit through our online booking platform and have an opportunity to chat with your clinician through a call or video chat to provide counsel and plan next steps in care.

Kidcrew Medical | Multidisciplinary Pediatric Clinic with Dr. Dina Kulik

Medical Research

Kidcrew drives pediatric care innovation through collaborative medical research, shaping the future of health care for kids.
Kidcrew Medical | Multidisciplinary Pediatric Clinic with Dr. Dina Kulik

Joint Ventures

Kidcrew collaborates with diverse healthcare partners, fostering integrated and innovative patient-centered solutions.


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