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Why Did We Open a Second Kidcrew Clinic?

Expanding Horizons: The Next Chapter in Pediatric Excellence

As the demand for pediatric healthcare services continues to rise, medical clinics face the challenge of meeting the needs of their young patients. In response to this growing demand, our organization recently decided to open a second pediatric medical clinic. This blog article will explore the reasons behind this expansion and its benefits to the community and the patients we serve.

Meeting Increasing Demand:

One of the primary factors driving the decision to open a second pediatric medical clinic was the increasing demand for pediatric healthcare services. The number of children requiring medical attention has increased with a rising population and changing demographics. By opening an additional clinic, we aimed to ensure that families in our community have timely access to high-quality pediatric care without overwhelming the resources of our existing clinic.

Reducing Wait Times:

Long wait times for medical appointments can be frustrating for parents and may lead to delayed diagnosis or treatment for children. By opening a second pediatric clinic, we aimed to alleviate the strain on our existing facility and reduce appointment wait times. The additional clinic allows us to accommodate more patients and provide more flexible scheduling options, resulting in improved access to care and decreased waiting periods.

Enhanced Accessibility:

Location plays a crucial role in healthcare accessibility, especially for families with limited transportation options or residing in underserved areas. The decision to open a second clinic was driven by a desire to expand our reach and make pediatric care more accessible to a broader population. By strategically selecting the location of the new clinic, we aim to serve families in previously underserved neighbourhoods and reduce barriers to healthcare access.

Specialized Services and Expertise:

Pediatric healthcare encompasses a wide range of specialized services, from general pediatric care to specialized pediatric specialties. Opening a second clinic allows us to expand our service offerings and provide a broader range of specialized care to children in our community. With dedicated specialists and a more comprehensive array of resources, we can better cater to the unique medical needs of our young patients, ensuring comprehensive and effective care.

Continuity of Care:

By opening a second pediatric clinic, we aim to ensure continuity of care for our existing patients and accommodate new patients seeking our services. The expansion allows us to distribute patient load more evenly across the two clinics, minimizing the risk of overcrowding and maintaining a high standard of care. Additionally, the second clinic provides an alternative location for patients in case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, ensuring uninterrupted access to care.


The decision to open a second pediatric medical clinic stems from our commitment to meeting the increasing demand for pediatric healthcare services, improving accessibility, and enhancing the quality of care for children in our community. With the expansion, we can effectively manage patient volume, reduce wait times, and provide specialized services to meet the unique needs of our young patients. Ultimately, the opening of the second clinic reflects our dedication to delivering comprehensive and accessible pediatric care while ensuring the continuity of care for our patients.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you decide to open a second pediatric medical clinic instead of expanding the existing one?

Opening a second clinic allows us to maintain the quality of care and reduce wait times by distributing the patient load across two locations. It also helps us reach underserved areas and improve accessibility for families in those communities.

Will the second clinic offer the same services as the existing clinic?

Yes, the second pediatric clinic will offer the same comprehensive services as our existing clinic. Our goal is to ensure continuity of care and provide specialized pediatric services to cater to the unique needs of our young patients.

How will the opening of the second clinic benefit the community?

The opening of the second clinic will benefit the community in several ways. It will help reduce appointment wait times, increase access to pediatric care, and accommodate more patients. Additionally, it will create more job opportunities for healthcare professionals in the area.

Where is the location of the new pediatric clinic?

Our North York location is located at 240 Duncan Mill Road. The location of the second pediatric clinic has been carefully selected to reach a broader population and provide healthcare services to underserved areas. In addition, we aim to make pediatric care more accessible by strategically choosing a convenient location for families in the community.

Will my child’s medical records be transferred to the new clinic?

Yes, both locations share electronic medical records. Doctors and staff will have access to your entire medical record at both locations. We prioritize maintaining the continuity of care for our patients, and your child’s medical history will be readily available to our healthcare providers at both clinic locations. Our team will continue providing compassionate and quality care at both practice locations. You will receive exceptional care at either Kidcrew practice.

Will there be any changes in the healthcare providers attending to my child?

We strive to ensure continuity and consistency in care. While additional healthcare providers may be at the second practice, our goal is to maintain a team of experienced and dedicated pediatric professionals at both locations. Your child’s primary physician may remain at the midtown location or may continue t provide exceptional medical care at the new North York location. Qualified professionals will meet your child’s healthcare needs. While you’d child’s medical home may be at one location, our priority is to ensure your child’s medical care is maintained. Your child’s health is our number one priority.

Can I choose which clinic to visit for my child’s appointments?

Yes, you can choose the clinic location that is most convenient for you and your child. Both clinics will offer the same level of care and services. However, we understand that accessibility is essential, and we want to provide flexibility for families to choose the clinic that suits their needs. You are welcome to schedule appointments with one of our board certified pediatricians at either office, using our convenient online booking system. Appointment procedures are the same at both practice locations. Sick patients can be seen at either pediatric clinic. Sick visits can also be booked online. We know how hectic life is, and how few moments you have. We want to make it easy for you to book an appointment at our office. Your kids and family come first!

How will the second clinic handle emergencies and after-hours care?

The second clinic will have protocols to handle emergencies and provide after-hours care, just like our existing clinic. We aim to ensure uninterrupted access to care for our patients, and arrangements will be in place to address urgent medical needs outside regular clinic hours.

Timely Care is Paramount

In the realm of pediatric medicine, timely care is paramount, and at Kidcrew’s After Hours Crew, we prioritize immediate medical attention for children in need. We understand the challenges medical professionals face when addressing urgent healthcare concerns outside regular clinic hours. That’s why our team of dedicated healthcare professionals is committed to providing efficient and compassionate care without the long wait times typically associated with walk-in clinics.

By joining Kidcrew’s After Hours Crew, medical professionals become part of a team that values the importance of prompt access to healthcare services. Our streamlined processes, and commitment to minimizing wait times ensure that you can provide immediate attention to patients who require timely care.

Together, we can ensure that no child has to wait unnecessarily for the care they deserve.

Join Kidcrew’s After Hours Crew and be part of a team that prioritizes timely care, offering immediate medical attention to children during crucial times. Together, let’s make a difference in pediatric healthcare.

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At Kidcrew, we’re redefining the way healthcare is delivered to children and families. Our multidisciplinary approach, innovative technology, and commitment to collaboration create an environment where you can thrive both professionally and personally. We prioritize work-life balance, offer flexibility, and provide the support you need to excel in your career.

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