Will strength training stunt my child’s growth?

A common misconception regarding strength training is that it will stunt your child’s growth but this is not true!

Recent data has shown that well-designed strength training programs have not had any negative effects on growth plate health or linear growth in children.

What are the benefits of strength training?

There are many benefits of strength training. Not only can it improve motor skill performance, speed and power, strength training can also reduce risk of injury. It is important that children build up enough muscle to be able to keep up with increasing training demands in modern day sports.

For example, a softball or baseball pitcher who does a lot of overhand throwing would benefit from shoulder resistance exercises to avoid common injuries seen with this type of activity.

Strength training can also improve cardiovascular fitness, bone mineral density and body composition and reduce risk of developing high cholesterol and diabetes. This can be a great way to encourage overweight children, who would be less likely to participate in an aerobic exercise program, to increase their overall activity level. After they see some lifestyle improvements from strength training, they will be more likely to continue a program. Aerobic activity can then be gradually introduced because an ideal exercise program includes both aerobic and strength training exercises.

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