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Lactation and Breast Feeding Resources

The Lactation Crew at Kidcrew will support you and your vision of feeding success.

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Physiotherapy Resources

Babies begin their gross motor development by learning to lift their heads on their tummy.

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Occupational Therapy Resources

Occupational therapy promotes independence in everyday life.

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Therapy Resources

Our therapy team is dedicated to helping your family with improving your child’s mental health.


Why Do I Need To Prevent Sunburn?

Sunburns increase the risk of developing other problems, including: -skin cancer -skin wrinkles and other skin blemishes, such as brown spots -cataracts, which can cause problems with vision Also, sunburns can be painful.

At What Age Do Babies Sit?

Babies begin to sit anywhere from 4-6 months, with independent sitting emerging closer to 6 months. Babies will often first sit in what’s called the “tripod” position, meaning that the legs are spread wide and the hands are down in front supporting their body.

Are Exersaucers And Jolly Jumpers Safe?

I’m often asked as a pediatric physiotherapist, “Can I use a bumbo, floor-seat, exersaucer, jolly-jumper with my baby?” This is a highly controversial topic in the therapy world, and quite often a polarizing one. Over the years, even my own opinion has changed as I’ve grown as a therapist and become a mother myself. Here’s my answer …

My Child Is W-Sitting. Is It Really So Harmful?

W-sitting is when a child sits on the floor with his or her bum between their legs, and their knees are bent in front of them and their legs are rotated away from their body. From a birds-eye view, it looks like the legs are forming a “W”. This position is super stable for children to sit in.

How Can I Make Teething Easier?

Are your baby’s gums tender and swollen? Is your baby drooling more, chewing on everything and seeming to be more cranky with disrupted sleep and eating patterns? Here are some great tips on making teething easier for your baby.

How Can I Limit My Childs’ Screen Time?

Studies have shown that children with longer screen time are at considerable risk of developing obesity at a young age, unhealthy eating habits, weak social skills, behavioural problems, sleep disturbance and lower academic performance. Here are my top strategies for lowering screen time with your kids.