What is my acne type and how can I treat my acne?


Acne (otherwise called acne vulgaris) falls under many categories, and to properly heal your pimples; you’ll need to identify them. Treating your type of pimples correctly will help clear up your skin and boost your confidence. Acne typically starts in the teenage years due to hormonal fluctuations.

What is my acne type and how can I treat my acne?2022-04-03T17:04:09-04:00

How do I calm my anxiety?


In the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic and children returning to school, many children are feeling anxious about having to wear a mask for long periods of time while at school or out in the community. Here are a few tips for parents to help make their children feel more comfortable about our “new norm” of mask-wearing.

How do I calm my anxiety?2021-01-23T15:49:31-05:00
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